Baytward Picks: “When art meets fashion”, collection by emerging Egyptian designer “Bardees”

Bardees Designs is a home-grown Egyptian designer label that creates colorful modern art, juggling different cultural sources of inspiration the label targets the modern women of all ages and backgrounds.

The designer’s debut collection as a collaboration with abstract artist Ashraf Reda. Printing his artwork on fabric and producing wearable art collection that took Egypt by storm. From modern mini skirts to traditional Abaya’s, her work is super creative and the finishing is immaculate paying very close attention to details.

I was planning for a pop-up in Dubai and I came across her work, since then I have become a big fan owning multiple pieces of her work.

This winter has been too cold in Cairo, I try my best to survive the low temperatures by thinking of the Summer, Bardees’s vibrant colors and designs remind me of the sun of Nuba. Just thinking and writing about the topic gives me energy to survive the coming month.


About the Designer

Born to a family that appreciates and collects art, Bardees Gamal Eldin’s early years were punctuated with antiques. For as long as she can remember she has mastered the language of authentic art; being able to grasp their origins with one glimpse. Meanwhile, she has grown up to cultivate a sophisticated taste. Accordingly, details and cultural expression have always been embedded in her personality.

Her first collection came to light in 2015, when she decided to start her own atelier in Zamalek with one sewing machine, a seamstress and unconventional designs. Once the first order was confirmed, the designer instantly started to grow her team and address regional markets.




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